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Smoked Eggplant Babaganoush, Pistachio, olive, dukkah and pomegranate seed labneh & Cumin infused humus

Topped with extra virgin olive oil and served with freshly baked bread


Served with Freshly Baked Bread / 6 pcs - $75


Additional Bread / 6pcs - $20



Go Green Go Healthy - $95

With quinoa, avocado, baby spinach, kale, pomegranate molasses dressing, pistachio, pomegranate seeds

Beetroot and goat cheese salad - $95

With arugula, beetroot, walnuts, cranberries maple syrup and balsamic dressing

Pomegranate’s Caesar Salad - $95

With romaine lettuce, anchovies, aged parmesan, crispy bacon, crispy croutons, caesar dressing

+  Add Halloumi HK$25

+  Add Chicken HK$32

+  Add Boiled Egg HK$15



Lebanese Meatball Koftas - $118

Served with lentil and basmati rice mujadara, cucumber, cherry tomato, kalamata olives, fresh mint, tahini and greek yoghurt sauce

New Zealand Fillet Mignon - $148

Beef fillet cooked to your preference served with baby carrots, potato dauphinoise, beef sauce



Tandoori Spiced Roast Chicken - $138

Served with Fragrant Yellow Rice, green chili, red onion, cherry tomato



Tunisian Shakshouka - $98

Poached Eggs and Eggplant Shakshouka in a Harissa Bell Pepper Sauce Served with Turkish Bread



Grilled Seabass Fillet - $148

With grilled vegetables tossed in olive oil, coriander, coconut lime lemongrass sauce



Falafel Avocado pita pocket - $118

Mango Chutney, Tahini and Greens served with a Zesty Cucumber and Tomato Jerusalem salad



Spiced lamb shanks braised in red wine - $148

Exotic spiced marinated lamb shanks slow cooked in red wine served on a bed of mashed potatoes and green peas

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