Lunch Menu

à la carte

We deliver lunch anywhere in Wong Chuk Hang Monday through Friday from 12 through 2:30.
You can call us 2580-0663 or place your order with Deliveroo.


Babaganoush; Humus; Pistachio, Black Olives, Dukkah Labneh, all topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Served with Freshly Baked Bread (6 pcs) HK$75

Additional Bread (6pcs)  HK$18



Chargrilled Sumac Marinated Chicken & Chorizo Salad
Large HKD$95 / Side HKD$65

Sweet potato kale fattoush with crunchy pita chips and a lemon sumac dressing

Large HKD$85 / Side HKD$60

Pomegranate, avocado, broccoli and quinoa superfood bowl in an orange and lemon vinaigrette
Large HKD$85 / Side HKD$60

Shredded Beetoroot ,  Freekeh , Spinach and Green Apple toppped with Toasted Pistachios and Crumbled Feta 
Large HKD$95 / Side HKD$65

+Add Grilled Halloum90g HK$25     +Add Grilled Chicken140g HK$32      +Add Boiled Egg HK$10



Chargrilled beef sirloin HKD$120

with chimichurri sauce (180g) with cumin chili fries and fresh mint coriander slaw

Herbed Meatballs    HKD$110

                                  on Chilli and Sea Salt Labneh Served with Hot Pita Bread and A Greek Salad


Tandoori spiced HKD$98

roast chicken with fragrant yellow rice with a red chili, red onion and lime salsa

Chargrilled salmon gremolata (130g) HKD$115
served with orzo with pine nuts, spinach and tomatoes

Pueblan tacos Arabes HKD$100
Pork Shawarma tacos with coriander, onion and harissa yoghurt on flour tortillas, served with a zesty corn side salad

Tunisian shakshouka HKD$95
Eggplant and eggs poached in a spiced tomato bell pepper sauce served with pita bread
(GF, Vegetarian)

Falafel, avocado pita pocket HKD$110

 with Iraqi pickled mango, tahini and greens served with a zesty cucumber and tomato Jerusalem salad
(Subsititute for GF bread) +HKD$10


Dessert of the Day*    HK$60